Monday, April 6, 2009

ZenHak Review


I played this last night, shook my controller violently, and told myself I must just be too tired. Maybe I am just plain dumb, because I cannot grasp this one tonight either. I simply found it unplayable and had to move on - seriously could not figure how to play or what to do.

I wanted this one to pan out too, because there is a very short supply of RPGs to get my sticky fingers on. I thought some of the screenshots spelled potential, but they honestly look better still than live (animation wasn't heavily invested in). That's a mute point I guess.

There's two things that might be happening here.

First, the game is in dire need of a tutorial, instructions, more intuitive gameplay, an overhaul of the controls/interface, or all of the above. Or second, this game is over my head because I am missing something key, possibly about hacking or hackers (tough niche audience).

I can't recommend this one as is - but if anyone has any advice on how to get more out of it, or where I might be going wrong, I am all ears.


  1. I've seen a similar take on this game. It seems that the creator based the game off craps. Ya know the card game you see in casinos? Ya, well, I guess he thought everyone knows what craps is and how it plays and is familiar with it enough to make the connection. He was wrong.

  2. Hey V2.0 is in review right now please try it out see how it plays for you now.

  3. Zenfar - thanks for letting me know. I will have another crack at it tonight.

  4. was intrigued by the screenshots so had a look at the trial game. I liked the music and unique visual style, but like you I just couldn't figure out what to do. Oh, and if you only have two frames of animation it's probably better not to do any animation at all ;(