Sunday, April 5, 2009

Rocket Fart Review


Well it was going to happen at some point. A game about surviving in a volcano by using 'rocket farts' to stay airborne was clearly inevitable. And well shit, I am sucker for this kind of crap (ba dum chhh).

Not a whole lot more set up I need to do here. Hit start, then hit "A" to get farting and stay out of the lava. Collect [the strangely abundant floating] food to give you more farts, while avoiding fireballs because those obviously break your focus when strategically farting for your life.

The graphics and presentation are nothing to write home about, although to be fair it's not like it would benefit greatly from an upgrade. The basic 2D graphics probably get the point across just fine. The classical music was an odd choice to compliment the constant fart SFX, but part of me wonders if that was a purposeful contrast.

Gameplay-wise, you're basically shooting for a high score - as the food you collect keeps you alive and gives you points. I learned on my second play-through that long controlled farts are better than peppering short farts to maneuver around. Each press of the button empties your gas gauge, so you fail much quicker with the latter approach.

I have to admit, I enjoyed my time spent with Rocket Fart and took a couple runs at the high score. I also have to admit, however, that my B rating is probably in part due to my immature love for farts. Whether or not you spend 200 MP on this one will probably depend on which side of the fart fence you squat on.


  1. This game is terrible. There is no challenge at all!

  2. There's an update for this game available. I believe it now deserves a triple A double plus.