Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Sea Blast Review


Hmmmm what do I name my game? You shoot stuff, but in the ocean...a little thesaurus action...and SEA BLAST it is!

Kidding aside, I went digging into the extensive back catalog of XBCGs and ended up with a semi-precious gem that's probably easy to miss. Sea Blast is a game where you control a saucy little submarine (you can choose from 3 with unique traits) and either battle in muliplayer or take on the computer in the campaign. The top down perspective places you in a small ocean region with a host of baddies to blow up, sub style.

The visuals are quite pleasant - not the best we've seen in CG but strong. The environments are fairly rich with life and believable ocean currents can affect how your sub maneuvers. You get a small arsenal including a basic turret gun along with some torpedos (slower rate of fire but stronger) and some explosive mines that you can plant behind you.

The action is not fast paced (one small complaint) but it makes up for the lack of intensity with a good deal of strategy. The AI is solid which means they often lead their shots to hit you and have comparable weapons. You should use natural barricades and currents to your advantage. Some levels have you playing it sneaky, while others are probably best staying on the move, weapons on full blast.

One other small issue is that your main gun can only fire 8 directions - which means that it's not always aimed where you want it. This can be countered by lining up your shots on the 8 main angles. It's not a deal breaker, but can be a bit frustrating until you get the hang of it. I also would have liked larger regions and maybe a turbo boost on the subs, but that's just wish list stuff.

Unfortunately I was unable to play multiplayer but I bet this adds a good deal of fun. Co-op would have made it a no brainer purchase at 200 MP. If you haven't tried this one yet, and you enjoy a good top-down shooter, go back and submerge yourself in the demo because it's a good value and may suit you nicely.

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