Saturday, April 4, 2009

Game Thoughts 1 - Pon Spectral

It's always a great feeling when a concept gets successfully translated from the brain, to paper, to a model, to an in-game living character. Lot's of people seem to like the Pon Spectral, and I am confident that the team nailed this one from start to finish. (seems like a good place to start for my first ramblings!)

As I was developing the Spectral races, I knew I wanted one that adapted a mercantile status as a result of Avagarsian expansion. With travel, comes exploration, and exploration leads to discovery of new goods and crafts. The Pon Spectrals would step in as collectors and distributors of these goods, giving them a neutral/friendly status among other species.

And what if someone wanted to cross the line and betray a Pon to steal all of their goods? Well first, they are nearly impossible to kill, as they are comprised of incredibly hard gold material. And second, you'd then be blacklisted on the network of Pon trading, which means you probably won't be able to sell or buy good ever again.

When I was talking with Craig, he came up with the cool idea of having these sturdy mo for carrying goods in their oversized hats. This way, you might see them traversing the desert, or on a city corner, or in a cave, and they 'd still have something to offer a weary traveler (like Maya, let's say). Thus, the friendly little bugger was born on paper - an unimposing merchant with turtle-like durability.

From there it was up to Valri to transfer this concept to a 3D model (with a poly limit), and as you can see, she got it done nicely:

Adorable right? Well he also can dance, and his own soundtrack to get busy to. So we look forward to showing you a Pon Spectral in game. Let us know your thoughts.

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