Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Looking for Freelance Programmer (PAID)


Bryan (lead programmer) and I are looking for some part time help with Legend of Kilflame.  The position requirements and compensation are below, along with the current state of Legend of Kilflame.

Please send a note (formal resume not required) to cevo70@yahoo.com if you're interested.


Deep understanding of XNA and C# programming.
Experience working with 3D terrain, models/objects, and animations.
Responsible, reliable, and able to devote 5+ hours per week until the job is done.
Open to phone and online discussions regarding progress and direction.  "Kick-off" chat is required.
Recommended: Have a published or work-in-progress game on XBLIG, preferably 3D.


While much of the game is completed, we need help establishing a working 3D terrain/gameworld.  All assets are completed (models, rigging, animations, textures, etc).   You would work on creating a live test world with these assets, along with a "function-first" (basic, no frills) level editor.


Compensation would be based on set $500 milestones with earnings up to $3,000 (for success).  Further compensation models can be discussed.


Ophidian Wars: Legend of Kilflame is the second game from Small Cave Games.   It is the action-RPG sequel to Ophidian Wars: Opac's Journey which is currently a top 20 platformer on XBLIG.  Legend of Kilflame is a more ambitious project, employing custom 3D characters/models and animations and a much larger gameworld.

We currently have much of the game completed, including the HUD/inventory system, combat engine, working animations, title screen and intro sequence, dialogue system, and more.  

We're excited to be releasing something unknown to the XBLIG platform and continuing our original IP.  We're looking for some equally passionate to lend an experienced hand with some of the 3D aspects of our game.