Thursday, April 9, 2009

Dromedary Review


Let's talk about humps. Or camels, more specifically. Dromedary had me giggling before I even downloaded - here read this: "Dromedary, an interactive cartoon-based camel oriented action adventure!" I can't get enough of that. One more time. ""Dromedary, an interactive cartoon-based camel oriented action adventure!" Holy shit!

Anyhow, this game definitely scored some "quirky-awesomeness" points from me, something many people won't award. It's probably not accurate to call this an 'action adventure' because it's really a text/picture based game - so all that action will have to be in your brain as opposed to the TV screen. Essentially you choose one of several possible actions (that are always the same, i.e. 'drink' 'sleep' 'walk' 'hump'). Then from what I can tell, the computer rolls the virtual dice and spits out an result.

After 15 min of play or so, I believe I started to see some controllable outcomes, and smarter decisions could be made. But I am almost certain (someone please correct me if I am wrong) that you can get a 'game over' randomly at almost any time. I tried over and over to do the intelligent thing, like 'drink' when I was thirsty, hump along cautiously, and get regular sleep, but then apparently I'd just get attacked by lions for whatever reason and have to start over. I tried about 25 times and never got to the end, so I can't tell you if there is an end, or what the end consists of.

The 1 emblem is a no-brainer. The game has no music, which is such an obvious element that could have added boatloads of experience and maybe even worked in to the gameplay (maybe the music could change/speed up as you get closer to the end?). Some humorous SFX would have been key too. And the graphics, as you can see by the screenshots before you download are....something.

Thus, most people won't be captivated and throwing down 200 MP....unless you have a serious love of camels. Is this common? Can I refrain from more 'hump' jokes?

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