Sunday, April 5, 2009

Ultratron Review


A tight retro/arcade style game - seriously loads of fun and just the right amount of challenge. I had played this one on my PC before playing it on my console, and it translates very nicely.

It actually pains me (in the groin area) that Ultratron is not a consistent "most popular" game on XBCG. I fear that this game gets overlooked or wrongly lumped in the 'pass' category due to it's retro look - possibly a victim of the 'clutter,' sort of speak.

You're probably wondering why I gave Ultratron 3 emblems. First, I just ate a whole can of crazy beans, and second, this game has loads of polish and professionalism despite the old skool look. It's in the bones.

The concept is straightforward enough. You're a robot with some sort of laser gun and it's time to kill craploads of bad robots. The first couple levels won't seem like much but when you get rolling you start to see why this game is so addictive and well-made. There's a ton of different enemies that attack with different strategies, lots of powerups with cool effects, and upgrades to your gun (like bouncing bullets, tripleshot, sentry bot, etc.). Part of the strategy is making sure you use the right powerups and choose the right upgrades at the right times. Adding to the chaos are boss levels and ambush levels where all of the baddies spawn at once. (arg! I died here about 5 times until I figured out a better way to fight 'em off)

The Xbox controls are made nicely intuitive - using only the two joysticks, one to aim/fire, and the other to move (your choice on which is which). The SFX are spot on, there are achievements built in, a co-op mode, and high scores to shoot for. For me, the only real shortfall is the music, which in my opinion could have been used to bring a bit more intensity to the action.

Very solid game. If you have any love for the arcade games that captured us back in the day, you need to get this one. (400 MP)

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