Thursday, April 2, 2009

Supercow Review


We've all dreamed of Supercows before...wait. One time I dreamt about a Utters. Alright, Supercow is an easy review. You know why? Because it's easily summed up as a simple colorful charming platformer with an cute cow heroine as the lead. And when you fork over the 400 MP, you actually get your money's worth.

Supercow has been around for computer gamers for some time. And it's honestly a blessing to have it as an option on XBCG. It's presence alone helps up the real estate, you might say. A very high production value warrants three emblems, with some gorgeous graphics well-complimented by the art style and cool storyboard style transitions. It's nice to look at.

The gameplay keeps it simple (often a wise move) with a simple run-and-jump style that anyone can pick up and play. And in fact my wife, I mean hot date, actually did pick it up and play, which is no joke, remarkable in my experience.

I only have two critiques, and honestly many people will have the opposite opinion (screw you?). The bright colors and busy screens are borderline 'too much.' It's a blitz on my senses - to the point where after playing for an hour you might fart a pinkish puff of smoke. Just a warning. Second, the gameplay is really really straightforward. This is great for the likely target audience (younger) and for those who need a break from getting chainsawed in half. But what I am saying is, some people may find it too simple of a platformer.

Bottom line though - fun game, great value (400 MP), high degree of polish/presentation, and one of the best we've seen come to XBCG in 2009. Get it - especially if you have kids, act like a kid, are a kid, or eat kids.

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