Monday, April 13, 2009

Rabid Gophers Review


I may seriously have nightmares. "Rabid" is being kind - these things are just pure evil. The first time one of those bastards got out of their hole and lunged at me, I peed my pants. Kidding?

So it doesn't require a detailed or careful approach to understand why this game is fun. It's pure rodent blasting enjoyment - cartoon gore at it's finest. At it's core, this is really just a game derived from the wack-a-mole concept of testing reaction time while letting out some aggression on scary small animals.

There are three game types. The first is a shotgun frenzy of simply pressing the corresponding controller button to mow off rodent heads with buckshot. They pop up faster and faster until one finally gets out an eats your livestock. The second is similar only you need to chain together button sequences, using explosives to blow up chains of gophers. The third is a satisfying sniper exercise - just aim and fire.

There's honestly nothing innovative here really - it's just a well done reflex game with a funny over-the-top cartoon design that makes for great competition among friends and among the online community. (sidenote: I am shocked at how damn good some of these top scores are already - wow I must be losing my reflexes) It's highly addictive and the three game types allow for a nice rotation when one gets stale.

The music is a bit repetitive on the title screen, but the SFX are quite good and I love the feel of the sniper rifle as a result.

Rabid Gophers is obviously not for everyone. It's a bit too deranged for younger kids, and not deep enough for gamers looking for anything beyond what I've described above. But if you want to test your reflexes, blow off some steam, and blow gophers to bits in a variety of ridiculous ways, grab it.

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