Sunday, June 21, 2009

Revenge of the Evil Aliens Review


Oh man those aliens sure are evil. And they want revenge. There's your premise!

Revenge of the Evil Aliens is another eye-catching dual-stick space shooter, with a pretty standard set up, and a focus on a solid shooter experience. The first thing you'll notice when looking at the screenshots is that the game accomplishes an interesting 3D feel to the enemies which provides some depth in an often flat-feeling genre.

You'll be treated to a nice level of polish in most areas, with a full tutorial, multiplayer capabilities and three difficulty levels for replay value. Props for including those - three important elements that some might say should be standard in a shmup, but still deserve being noted.

What I liked most about this game was the powerups - you can really pimp out your ship nicely with some heavy artillery both by collecting different bonus items (increased range, bouncing bullets, etc), and then leveling them via scoring lots of successful hits. It's actually possible to collect and level up all power ups, at which point you can dish out some serious pain.

You also get a a taste of some pretty wacky enemies. Beyond the UFOs of varying toughness, you also fight off floating brains, skulls, and Martian insects. I enjoyed the variation, but on the flipside the randomness had me scratching my head.

My main complaint with RotEA is that it's simply not a long enough experience. With only three levels, good players will zip through this game in a couple hours or less. And then the "I died in a tough spot and now I start with no powerups" disease comes in to play as well. There were a couple spots that left me pretty helpless and fighting a tough sequence over and over.

As a final nice touch, there are some built-in achievements to score which can add to the excitement.

I'd recommend this for any shmup fans who want a good challenge (the highest difficulty is no joke) and at 200MP the shorter experience sits okay with me.


  1. Random? What are you talking about? Look, it all makes sense.

    The Brain Spawn have enslaved a once peaceful race of aliens, turning them into Evil Aliens. These Evil Aliens now use their highly advanced civilization to build UFOs with which they wage war on planets such as Earth, in order to mine these planets' natural resources and rid them of all sentient life. For the invasion of Earth they have created an intricate base of operations on the planet Mars, which due to its distance to the sun and size, is perfectly suited as a habitat for the Aliens. Unfortunately, during their stay on Mars, the Aliens' excavations have resurrected the native Spider Wasps from their slumber. This forces the Evil Aliens to divide their attention over two fronts, which in turn allows a single ship (the Unnamed Hero) to bypass most of their defenses and infiltrate their headquarters (this as opposed to a whole Earth fleet which would be detected by the many patrolling Fleet Commander Drones and Death Star mines). With a great deal of the troops waging war on Earth and Mars, the Aliens are then unable to respond in time to the infiltrator as he makes his way to the central Overmind commander. Some of the Aliens possess the capacity to bend spacetime, and these are hurried back in a last ditch effort to stop the insurgent, along with whatever Alien vessels are still stationed at the base. The Unnamed Hero, however, defeats this last fleet and even survives the final dense layer of Death Stars that protect the vulnerable Overmind from attack. A final climactic battle ensues, leading to the Overmind's eventual defeat. The Aliens, having been under the control of a form of omega of dictatorship for so long, lack the basic knowledge to even operate their own life support without the Overmind's micromanagement, and soon their whole army collapses.


  2. Haha - my deepest apologies.